Curvy Detour

Art. Fashion. Natural Hair. Curvy. Simply Embracing it All

I’ve been on so many types of journeys this past summer in the Berkshires…personal, professional, and just becoming an actual adult…scary, invigorating stuff. Now that I’ve graduated college, and soon will leave my summer internship with no real plans as to what I’m doing, I feel a type of freedom that I’ve never felt before. For the first time in forever, I have no solidified next step. For so long I teetered on the balance between doing the ‘great’ and ‘safe’ things others expect of me vs pursuing the things I actually love. Soon it will be time for me depart, I simply have to decide on my desired destination….
Added a red tint to my hair!! It’s not that noticeable for most, but its a HUGE difference for me. Also Happy July 4th!

I’m happy someone captured my flustered moment during the Commencement. I wasn’t paying any sort of attention, cause I was readjusting my cap and then I hear my name called for Commencement Honors in the Fine Arts and I stood up awkwardly amongst the sea of green IWU hats. 
Just a quick sketch I did at 1am. Realized I havent sketched any fashion related things in a while.